Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Better Way To Make Money_Finally A Free Stock Trading Platform_!!!

With the improvement of the economy, with the potential investments at all time high, it is amazing to finally seeing a free trading platform. I am talking about Loyal3. Finally the small guy has a chance to enter the market.
It's not everyday we get an opportunity as this.

What makes Loyal3 easier from any other trading platform is that you can finally add money to the stock account with a credit/Debit card!!!! How about a checking account. Yes, now you can. With other platforms such as TradeKing, Scottrade, TDAmeritrade, Etrade, Optionhouse, USSA. You have to get your bank to transfer money and to withdraw you need to request a check that can get lost in the mail, all of that is so difficult to do when most of us don't even know our way around paperwork. Now we do things with the internet! Loyal3 knows this and they make it easy for the online banking users to finally enter and buy stocks, this is great because anyone with a debit card from their bank can open a checking account and withdraw or deposit money. Obviously this can be a hassle if you have no job because you need a direct deposit to waive the monthly service charge fee, but if you have a job(Thanks to God) well you can now invest in your future by making your own trading decisions for free.

*Participants are not charged fees for enrollment, transactions, or account transfer, and are not required to maintain a minimum account balance. IPOs require a $350 minimum account balance, but unused funds can be withdrawn at any time. Maximum purchase limited to $10,000 per IPO and $2,500 per month per non-IPO stock. Purchases will include partial or fractional shares. When you sell shares, LOYAL3 uses a batch or combined order process, and typically executes trades only once per day, which means that the price you will receive will differ, perhaps significantly, from the market price of the shares available when you place your order.*More details can be found on their website but don't miss an opportunity as big as this. Help The Economy And Make you Money!!!!Type in Loyal3 on Google Search and find what You have been looking for.Most of always want to buy stock. Well Now here's the chance.*

#A Better Way To Make Money_Finally A Free Stock Trading Platform_!!!

A Better Tax Proposal: Fixing the Economy

I don't care if the rich are charged very not steal from the hand that supports you. The rich support this nation no matter how much we want to say against it. Therefore, we want a real equal or at least fair tax system for income...and only for income...there should be no other tax besides the one currently done by the IRS....Why? Well think of it like come across a great system, invention, or start purchasing stocks...but the government wants to take your's really a wonder how everyone is not poor yet...second you get a lot of money but you have to put it in a bank after it becomes to much...guess what, the FDIC only covers up to $ 250,000 for different types of account, but the bank only has about 3 to 4 different accounts...admit it most of us want to if you do become about that rich you must realize that you can't keep opening different bank accounts, eventually you forget where you put your money our it becomes to tedious. Because of this extra money most of us will need lawyers because we want to make sure our money is not being taken by the government for no reason or for any reason really. By now you must realize even the rich are poor...all it takes is for the economy to shut down and everyone is in trouble...not everyone will get back their money because it was uninsured. So if you want to help the economy start spreading this idea...the most the rich should pay is the total average of all Americans and no more than 10% of that amount, and only if their income is greater than say $15 million otherwise they should pay the exact amount as the average American, and the poor should get waivers for their tax due or no tax due least this way everyone can pay taxes and it's realistically fair and almost equal. Don't steal from the rich. It makes it harder for everyone to achieve or have the potential to reach the same goal. But realize that even the rich are poor, even if they are not right now...they have to go through the same problems we do on a much greater scale...the government is harder on them too....they are also our brothers and sisters. God Bless us all.
A Better Tax Proposal
 Fixing the Economy

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Sin Of Secularism

The Greatest sin Secularism has allowed to happen in the world today is to remove the Good works of the Catholic Church from the History books and the news. No where do you hear the current progress the church has in maintaining the stability both moral and physical in Ukraine, except from the Catholic and religious sources. All you hear from the news is the bad but you never hear the progress of the church in helping and maintaining the rest of the world. Nor do you hear a follow up to the churches good work and how the church's policies have healed a nation and kept it out of war. All the news wants is to maintain secular and avoid as much as possible giving credit to the Catholic Church for supporting and healing the world's wounds. Pray for the salvation of the world, the forgiveness of sins, and life everlasting.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Military Cuts, What can a soldier do with their money while they still have it?

With most military cuts it is safe to say that much of these soldiers will need a self sustaining income. Well with some educational background, talent, and skill they can maneuver themselves through the stock market while they still have the money. The way to do this is through loyal3. With their system it makes sure that if a solider or even a civilian wants to buy stock they can only do so at a max of $2500 dollars each month or a minimum $10 until $2500 montly cap is hit. With this in mind it becomes important to become skilled or knowledgeable on the change in markets and how to profit. Honestly there is a very good simulation for this that most people will overlook it. I am talking about Grand Auto 5 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox360. This game is revolutionary on more than one level, with just a simple game as this you may learn to understand stock change and to profit with the potential gains and losses. You really learn how to loose or gain money in the comfort of your home without pinching your real life savings. Now like all things you must do your research to understand the way to work with any system, batch trading is not for everyone, so keep a look out for the details and learn the investment risks. The best way to become aware of this is to look at other stock brokers with their hidden fees, commission, inactivity fees...loyal3 is different you actually create self sustaining wealth*(some people will take longer based on how they read the markets, money can be loosed) to really become knowledgeable and confident play Grand theft Auto 5 and learn how to earn on the market through investments. Some creativity will be learned and will transfer over from the game to the real life market without much fear and more confidence. (Use Google market charts to help, this way it becomes as familiar too you as the game, these can be found searching for the company your investing in). And always with any money put any pocket change or extra in the bank. Create a preferred savings account and it will earn interest with just an initial $10,000 to open the account, more is made with more money...interest increases...and has a max after hitting half a the research and become money intelligent. These are just the best ways to create self sustaining money right now. With a job this creates no worries but with just a little even those fears can be drowned out over time...just make the smart decisions.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Parable

This is how I feel sometimes...
A poor boy during the time of the first candy stores who had just enough for a treat and being poor and lacking understanding sought after a favorite candy to enjoy for the rest of his life. But the storeowner was wicked and greedy and seeing that the boy lacked understanding and was very poor took advantage of the boy. The boy believing in the owner handed over the little he had. The boy trusted him because he sold the candy, certainly, he must know best about the treats of this world, thought the boy. But the boy could not see the evil in front of his eyes, and he could not see the wickedness and greed of the storeowner's heart. The storeowner being clever, and knowing that the rich came by frequently and paid a good price for even the unsavory treats, did not want to give the boy any candy because the rich would buy it all and he would always walk away with a small fortune. The storeowner, knowing this took advantage of the boys poverty and lack of understanding, gave him a bag of rocks. The boy very delighted took the bag and walked away a happy lad. Then the boy got hungry, not knowing the the candy was just a bag of rocks took out the largest and most jagged of rocks. The boy was amazed because never had he been so close nor even held a candy before; the boy admired the rock because he had believed that this candy would be his favorite and he would delight of it for the rest of his life. The boy took the candy to his mouth and with overjoyed delight bit down as hard as he could, because he had heard that candy was sweet and delicious that fell away and got sweeter with every bite. The boy had wanted to feel and know that goodness. But the candy was a large jagged rock, and when boy bit into it, the rock broke almost all of his teeth. The boy reacted with shock and letting the rock go into his mouth as his eyes widened, lacking understanding looked up into the sky as to search for an answer; but this action involuntarily moved the rock further into his mouth and blood came from where his teeth had broken. The boy was not quick to react and felt his tongue being pierced by the rock as the blood rushed out and the rock moved further into his body, in an instant he swallowed because of the blood and the rock. With this action the jagged rock moved down his throat as it scraped his insides and the boy immediately felt a great pain at his chest and a greater pain in his heart. The boy would not live because he had received an infection from the cuts. No doctor could help him because it. For the boy it was too late as the infection spread. And in less than three days the boy died.

...This is how I feel sometimes when I search for my wife...and don't pray instead.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Gospel of John-(The Full Movie)

If the world hates you just remember that the world hated Jesus first. If you belong to the world then the world will love you as it's own but Jesus chose you from this world and you do not belong to it. That is why the world hates you.

The Gospel of John-(The Full Movie)

Do You See God Working IN Your Life? You Who Claim to Be Christian, Believer, Follower Of Christ...


A Shocking Youth Message (Paul Washer)


Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Most Terrifying Truth of Scripture


Perverted Love: The Shaping of Gender Role, Sex, and Morality

Place of Publication: UC Merced
Get a printable copy here to read, analyze, or to help support a cause. Do not reproduce quotes, works cited, or anything else in this paper as your own. Make sure to follow proper citing, quotes have there own citations. Enjoy the Article. :)

Fun Fact/IMPORTANT MATHEMATICAL FIND: There is no addition or multiple of 3.21 that will give a zero decimal digit number unless it's a product of 100, 1000, 10000, 100000, etc. not starting at 0 (ie. If people buy 100 of these available downloads = $321. but no other number, excluding zero, or addition of terms will give a whole number before this number).

3...2...1...Enjoy :)
Written by: Arturo Miranda Jr
Instructor: Professor Yogita Maharaj
Course: Writing 1
Date of Final Draft: November 21, 2013
Perverted Love: The Shaping of Gender Role, Sex, and Morality
            There are many forms of love, but sex is part of a monogamous relationship that should have stayed only within marriage, created by God. Sex without love is just sex. The sex culture revolution (Maasik 314), sprung up in American popular culture, is spreading influence to the world in negative ways by creating paradox, suicide, and disease. The sex culture, promiscuity, and sex out wedlock are contradictory to many rooted cultures and religions. To the religious this behavior indicates the end of days as revealed in the book of Revelations in the Christian bible and other religious text. Growing perversion of established perceptions on sex and love is shaping the gender roles and morals in adolescent people and everyone else, victims of a social culture. Through popular technological methods and social pressure the sex culture is spreading throughout the world. There are not many opponents to this change because it has already been foreseen and those who are hurt the most by this perversion are no longer alive. According to the most religious and scripture, people must continue living as they are now or repent, whether they are good or bad, and await the Day of Judgment.
            Human sin has created a perceived expectation of sex by the efforts of marketers, with greed; it has grown out of proportions. With intent to do harm there is never a good outcome, unless there is divine intervention, to prevent the worse. The situation in American beliefs is changing morals, "Prior to the sexual revolution of the 1960s-1970s, puritanism was the dominant code in America attitudes toward human sexuality" (Maasik 514). The marketers have exploited the change in culture to create a more profitable sex culture, creating and maintaining gender stereotypes "Entire industries (automotive, cosmetics, fashion) are predicted on the assumption that men and women will continue behaving according to their stereotypes" (Craig 197). With more people becoming victims to portrayed images and ideas of sex and gender, marketers can more readily associate their products with misdirection and make their product more desirable, with sex. "Advertiser's seem quite willing to manipulate these [sexual] fantasies and exploit our anxieties, especially those concerning our gender identities, to sell products" (Craig 197). To exploit individuals who are discovering themselves and those struggling to fit in, the appeal to traditional gender identities is still relevant (Michael 13). Even if the sex culture and feminism changes the way individuals associate to gender roles there is still an association to gender identity, and how individuals seek to be recognized by other people. With film and history, males and females still seek to become heroes or someone of historical significance; that can lead them to maintain high expectations of the world but will eventually lead them to future depression or suicide if goals are not met.
            There are no studies but it has been assumed that all teenagers at some point feel that the world is understandable and malleable to their will; reality crashes down on them, very few people are willing to relate their heightened sense of knowledge with others of their time. Not many individuals realize that this heightened sense of understanding was a ruse created by marketers, advertisers, and the greedy to manipulate the adolescent’s sense of knowledge to lead them in some current or future economic purchase. For example, going to some place far from home, college, the movies, an electronic purchase, or even the purchase of a car...but all of these teenage fantasies to grow up, are created by marketers for economic profit. Nobody needs to go out and follow this created image of adulthood, because none of these motives are necessities but they are desires. This is a created impression that survival requires gambling current stability for future happiness. The reason these cases are desired is the result of a world image created by the higher powers of entrepreneurs, government, banks, and marketers. For that reason diamonds are still believed to be rare but they are actually really common and the only difference between carbon graphite and carbon diamond is the structure. Graphite is made up of thin sheets of carbon that come off when force is applied, writing, and diamond is carbon arranged in some unstable pyramid arrangement...which results in the diamond gradually becoming graphite, a more stable structure. Both of these items experience similar temperature changes; this means diamond could be burned with a torch into nothing and that indicates that it is not indestructible as portrayed by past marketing. Not every image or idea portrayed is set in stone, and realistically required; but when the odds are rigged in favor of the house, the common folk will lose money and even metaphorically give away money. Unfortunately, the house wins and money is power. The society we live in today has already been shaped from plans set in motion long ago (e.g., Brave New World, Now You See Me). Without realizing the changes imposed on society individuals may be led to an unmoral society where the images and ideals they believe, to be right and socially correct, is completely wrong by the force that created all existence.
            With an increase in liberal views men and women are reshaping their gender roles, to better create relationships in the light of the rising sex culture, even if some changes in the gender roles are completely wrong or immoral. Without many down to earth people in college or universities, people have to rely on popular culture for understanding themselves with the aid of ideals portrayed by entertainment, sex industry, and social culture. For example, "Women with a higher level of 'masculine' personality traits and egalitarian gender role attitudes were more likely to have multiple partners and to use alcohol or drugs with their most recent non-steady partner" (Lucke 1). These are few of the very noticeable examples in American society but by now mentions of these problems have drastically decreased on major news networks. However, no stone is left unturned in the final hours; in foreign nations "The introduction of Western education delays entry into martial unions" (Michael 13). This is a problem that is creating too much cultural confusion, struggle, and harm; for example, the lack of self respect and education, in China "Women, especially adolescent females, are often less well-informed about sexual health issues and are also more likely to be illiterate. In heterosexual relationships, they lack social support and negotiating power to enforce the practice of safer sex or to refuse sex" (Xiao 108). This creates disease, a silent killer, and nobody will be able to stop all the deaths, once it is too late, and the harm will torment many individuals for the rest of their lives. For his namesake God is good, "LUKE 18:19 AND JESUS SAID TO HIM, WHY DO YOU CALL ME GOOD? NO ONE IS GOOD EXCEPT GOD ALONE" (Washer), hopefully people may still be able to receive forgiveness and salvation. However, with the rising temptation found with the use of technology, it may take a long time or may be too late when the problems of this sex culture become more visible than ever predicted.
            With the rise of technology young people have access to information not always beneficial to them and rooted culture, mainly in foreign countries and recent generations of immigrated families in America. With new ideas, rooted culture and gender roles are being challenged in stable families with ties to some religion or cultural tradition. Unfortunately, perverted love is one of the main issues that is leading young people astray with paradox and older generations are left with anxiety for themselves, their families, and the future of the people. Not everyone has the same perception but with rising social issues people, on some level, are aware of problems teenagers face, some encounter their issues daily (e.g., teachers, counselors, priests/pastors, social researchers, humanitarians).
            With a motive for profit marketers are exploiting cultural confusion, gender roles, and morals in developing individuals and try to reinforce sexual ideals with a constant streaming of images. "America's consumer economy runs on desire, and advertising stokes the engines by transforming common objects -- from peanut butter to political candidates --into signs of all the things that Americans covet most" (Solomon 543). Without the same political warnings from older generations and the growing normality of this harmful sex culture, people are facing new questions about themselves and how they relate to others. (Michael 13). With this harmful influence individuals seek harmful actions with perverted love, a sex without love, and create future strain and harm to any potential relationship in the future that could actually lead to marriage without a divorce. There are many types of love and it is difficult for many young people to discern the difference, searching for sources where they can learn too many ideas and concepts on love, on the Internet. 
            With the increasing use of the Internet social people are becoming more vulnerable to temptation from social networks, the harmful sexual culture, and disease. "A study by Rambaree (2011) points out that adolescents in Mauritius are involved in cyber-sex and the Internet breaks down the traditional and moral values of the society, as young people are becoming exposed to new and foreign sexual mores through the technology" (Michael 1). No longer is the sexual revolution an issue in America but it is spreading to many different cultures; where the culture does not mix it creates paradox.  The sexual revolution is causing harm in many places, in China, "the sexual revolution has significantly changed sexual attitudes and behaviors of Chinese men and women, which has in turn led to a fast-spreading HIV epidemic" (Xiao 110). With lack of self control and divine interference people are slowing destroying themselves and ruining the lives of others. This can be partially blamed on technology and lack of parenting; studies show, "Adolescents who use the Internet all through the night are far more likely to be involved in online sexual activities than those who use the Internet during the day only" (Michael 12). Many harmed individuals face mental challenges and guilt after they get past adolescence or a sexual gratification addiction, deception, social misdirection and create strain on current, or future, relationships.
            There is no way of stopping the spread of perverted love. It has already been established in society and was long ago foretold in prophecy. Now the world is left with a test, and with "America's complex multicultural, multipolitical, and democratic history, it's not surprising that our nation's most fundamental beliefs . . . appear bifurcated, with one belief system challenging another, leading to endless rancor and debate " (Maasik 314). The continued perversion on traditional perceptions of sex and love will continue to harm victims of a sexually perverted culture. Disease is spreading and global climate is not in human control. It is practical to believe that the final days are coming, as revealed in the book of Revelations; the son of man shall come to judge the living and the dead. People must continue living as they are now, or repent, whether they are good or bad, and await the final Day of Judgment.

Help At Least One Person Today
Works Citied
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Free Economics

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Birthday Shoutout

Next week on this day is your birthday. To my futile attempts it seems that I may not be able to personally tell you nor txt you so Happy Birthday. I am thankful to God you were born because you make happy, desperate, nervous, determined, careless, inspired, emotional, stressed, thoughtful, flirtatious, caring, worried, hopeful, mindful, talkative, shyful, creative, sad, joyful, pessimistic, optimistic, and in all ways you make me feel alive. It's another reason for me to be thankful. Thanks to you life is no abyss, a life without experience nor emotion, but instead its a gift, a blessing from God. Thank You. I wouldn't be the better person I am without you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. 


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How To Avoid A Total Economic Catastrophe

If your reading this article after reading the first article "How To Quickly Avoid A Government Shut Down" and the second article "How To Move A Stagnant Economy" and this issue in the economy is still present to the point where we are the brink of a complete economic catastrophe, it can only mean that the government is not working right. That is because if this issue is close to happening and the economy is failing even after the first two methods have been implemented then we must label the government as not working. This is because the government has failed to realize their role and what they have become; the government is no longer just a place of democracy or legislation, the government is a business. Unless it starts acting as a business then our economy will always be losing money and we will keep seeing the headlines on the news about some issue with government debt or a crisis. Take heed and only give this method to your government or elected official after a sorry sequence of historical events have occurred and the first two methods have already been implemented: If the economy needs to be saved and the previous methods from "How To Quickly Avoid A Government Shut Down" And "How To Move A Stagnant Economy  Economy" have been implemented, then have the government take immediate action to have everyone with an income and a bank account (which should be almost everyone) to deposit another $100 dollars to their bank account, and like the previous methods...they should all be done within the same day when these methods are implemented. This will save the economy because the bank is the first and last place of economic commerce. Also, when these accounts are opened by government action they must not be closed the next day by some peeved participant, if this happens then the crisis can occur all over again. To avoid this make it that $100 must be in the bank at all times unless directly used in a purchase (non withdrawal) also a bank account may not be closed unless the participant can prove that by keeping open such an account they are at a heavy financial risk. Thank You.

By, Arturo Miranda Jr

How To Move A Stagnant Economy

If the government needs immediate action in the economy then have the government implement the methods mentioned in "How To Quickly Avoid A Government Shut Down." Then have everyone who already has a bank account to immediately deposit $100 but exclude those who were already made to open a bank account the first time government action was taken. This will move the economy because as mentioned in the previous article, the bank is the first and final place of commerce anywhere in the globe. If you have not noticed yet, this is creating a stabilized consumer economy, people will be more inclined to be smart about their money and the economy has the money to pay of debts if there are any left and to move the economy forward with more smart shoppers and better credit users. The banks will have money to immediately use in the economy and the commerce in the nation and the world will not be stopped. This is our safety net and hopefully we will not have to use it. Take this to the government or elected official if the economy is still on the verge of economic collapse after the "How To Quickly Avoid A Government Shut Down" method has been implemented. Thank You.

By, Arturo Miranda Jr

Monday, October 7, 2013

How To Quickly Avoid A Government Shut Down

Have the government make everyone with an income in this nation to open a bank account with a $100 Minimum Deposit. Not Social Security, Not Government Tax, Not Some 401K. A simple opening and deposit of $100 dollars for everyone who does not already have a bank account. This will immediately increase the money flow into the economy because the bank is the first and final place of economic commerce. This means that our market will immediately have money to payoff the debts, if we are lucky this method will pay off all the debts in one day. Take this method to a government official and quickly have your government implement this method if the economy is ever on the brink of total collapse, again. Thank You.

By, Arturo Miranda Jr

Sunday, October 6, 2013

How People Make Big Money On Money Websites

  1. Like all people who are new to pay to click, pay to view, pay to complete offer/survey websites you are most likely wondering how so many or very little people are able to make big money off these sites.  Well the secret is because of you. If you ever join a site through a banner, text link, or some other place you will not likely notice that you are a direct referral for the person who referred you. This being said is that a bad thing? Not really because of your help this person may be able to reach their financial goals; and wouldn't you like to be just like them some day, having people help you? Most of you would. These people made their money through experience, effort, and work. That is why someday you too will be as successful as them because of their influence they helped you to start helping others make money. Meaning, you influence others to aid society and humanity. That is why these people become successful, because they bring people into a market where everyone must help each other to make that end goal more realistic, possible, and true. You can't just screw people over and hope to make money. Most people of these successful people have noticed this, and those who don't will never be successful beyond what they are now. 
  2. You have to refer people. A solo player in a massive multiplier experience is nothing more than a stick on a tide being swayed into an endless ocean without ground. Eventually, you could sink because your stick will not be able to handle the journey alone and all that water will deteriorate, sink in, and prominently drowning will occur. However, with people on the same journey coming together as sticks to become a raft , they will be successful, no journey will be as rough and your raft is more durable which means that you have hope on reaching land, and if determined you will skip the island and conquer the new world. That is how people make faster and durable money, through the sticks they bring together to make their raft float and become a ship. People have to help people to succeed in this market. That is why this free market has so much potential for those who want to help others succeed. Their are tips for making this success. Make a group of friends join under one person, and split the future profit made because of that union, just be careful and be trustworthy. Most people will join if your good in heart, so if your market yourself, make sure it's genuine. Setup a system and never join those greedy programs that want to make fast money, no such thing exist unless you have already worked on making your image stand out and even then watch out for scams. Their is unfortunately a greedy folk in this market and they will abuse these forms of communication and if not careful you may become a victim to them.
  3. Invest time, effort, work into making yourself successful. Not many people do this and for that reason scratch their heads as to why they aren't making big money. The critical part about joining these sites are the referrals you make. Basically you need active people as your referrals.
  4. Make a website and broadcast your referral banners, links, text. Do what you have to do but don't let the opportunities given to you become nothing. It doesn't matter if people just don't click on your banner and skip it directly by going to the main site, you never know if someday someone may join because they liked your site. To make yourself feel better about those lost referrals think of the bigger picture, they joined the site you are using and they now made that site more successful in giving greater opportunities. That means you now have an opportunity to make more because more people have joined in your endeavors. Nobody is alone in making money, this is the truth behind a trade.That's what it comes down to in this trade we need each other to help the other. We give each other a hand weather it's direct or not. 
  5. Look for the good and not the bad. Make sure you don't do anything illegal and keep to working on that goal. Not all money will be made quickly. So enjoy the journey because one day you may become successful and that journey you took will make that success more inspiring. Take your time, set a pace, and just do what you have to do. 
  6. Promote your site, goods, whatever once you are established but don't be quick about it. Let the profit come to you. This is a life journey and you have to be smart about it to reach success. Not all success stories happen over night. Be glad that you can make something creative out of something free and be happy this money comes out of some task that is really small but so big in the fact that everyone is coming together to make this successful.
  7. Finally don't stress. Let success come whenever it comes. Look at your own success and not the success of others. Someday you will be making a living if you played the game right. Don't cheat, because this is massive connection among your fellow beings. If you treat others with respect then the house is yours and you receive your fair share. A cheater only holds back society, so don't do it. Your efforts support the economy because the economy is the will of the people and the will to help each other. How well society does this is reflected in the economy and the lives of everyone. Believe it or not that is the rule of a higher power at work. We rule the world by this power, if we don't help each other then nobody receives all the benefits that comes with true success.
By, Arturo Miranda Jr

Where You Should Be Putting Your Money [IN THE BANK]

The safest investment you can make with a large sum of money is putting it into a bank account. Preferably a savings. Why? Well if you have over $10,000 and a checking's account you can open what is know as a preferred savings account at certain banks. These accounts come with a decent interest rate and increase if you choose the right bank, but at some level they a cut off so make sure to pay attention to that. Also there are other options that come with this level of savings, such as opening a bond, or some other investment options such as leaving your money still for an amount of time...not sure what these things are called but for ideal knowledge visit your town's banks (hopefully in the US) in person or some bank close by that you prefer. Maybe you already have a bank account; in that case go to your bank and communicate with a representative. After you have established your ideal bank account, talk to that representative about investments. They will usually have a investment consultant near by or they may be scheduled for an appointment. These type of investments are third party, meaning they are not protected by the bank. So, if you choose this method be wise with your investments because they are at a higher risk. Hopefully this helps you. I wish the best for you and Good Luck. :)

By, Arturo Miranda Jr

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Bed & Bathroom

Nature comes home with Coyuchi. The first company to bring organic cotton bedding and bath to markets in the U.S.'s line of home textiles is rooted in the colors and textures of nature.

Nature comes home with Coyuchi. The first company to bring organic cotton bedding and bath to markets in the U.S.'s line of home textiles is rooted in the colors and textures of nature.

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Definitive Solution to Excessive Sweating

Definitive Solution to Excessive Sweating

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